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Buffalo Bags - Fallout X - 34 FELON - 2024 ACL PRO

Buffalo Bags - Fallout X - 34 FELON - 2024 ACL PRO

The Fallout X® – Elevating Every Aspect of Your Game

Discover the Fallout X®, the ideal partner for every cornhole player. This bag is all about getting your game on point. It's reliable, rugged, and has what it takes to help you nail those winning throws.

Dual-Sided Mastery: The Fallout X® stands out with its versatility. On its slow side, there's a herringbone carpet (rated 6) perfect for rock-solid blocks and controlled plays. Flip it over, and you're greeted by a super speedy fast side (rated 9), borrowed from our popular Dead Head®, ensuring smooth, game-changing slides.

Smooth and Steady: Players love the Fallout X® for its smooth, non-bouncy play. Whether you're aiming for precision or power, this bag won't kick or veer off course. It's all about a straight, predictable path to the hole.

Crafted by Professionals, for Professionals: In collaboration with top cornhole players, the Fallout X® is crafted for high-level play but is just as perfect for a casual game in the backyard. Its balanced design offers a controlled slow side for strategic placements and a lightning-fast side for those surprising moves.

Airmail Ready: With the Fallout X®, airmail shots become more than just throws; they turn into a display of skill and precision. Its unique design allows the bag to drip into the hole effortlessly, making every airmail shot a potential game-winner.

The Proven Choice: As our best-selling cornhole bag, the Fallout X® has earned its reputation in the cornhole community. Known for its solid performance and dependability, it's the top choice for professional tournaments and backyard games.

With the Fallout X®, you're always game-ready. Experience the perfect blend of control and speed, precision and power. It's straightforward, it's effective, it's the Fallout X®.

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